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The New Home Summary Report

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Online Research Tools

Real Estate Economics is the leader in providing online market research tools that allow our clients to analyze their market areas using the most powerful database in the home building industry. Our web-based tools and reports are available anytime, anywhere, from any computer. Some of the products available include…

New Housing Profiles and Statistics, Closings Reports, Residential Economic Report

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Residential Market Consulting

Real Estate Economics is a full service consulting firm, serving clients in all phases of residential, resort, and land development, from initial land acquisition and entitlement, through community planning, construction and the marketing and sales of finished lots and homes. Our consultants will tailor services to meet your exact needs. See our Case Studies page for more information. Some of the typical studies we offer…

Site-Specific Market/Feasibility Study, Residential Supply and Demand Analysis, Land Value Optimization Study

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Successful Community Design and the Future of Homebuilding

The Strategic Webinar Series a 12-part educational series by John Martin. This series will offer insight into important design trends and give direction for the creation of successful future communities.

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True Measures of Price Appreciation

Instead of using general figures (such as Average Housing Price 2012 vs. Average Housing Price 2013), this 1-page report provides accurate price appreciation by taking into consideration specific market factors, such as changes in product mix and the impact of distressed housing. Using our exclusive model, we provide true price appreciation and break it down by specific unit sizes.


Download your complimentary copy of a state-level True Measures of Price Appreciation report. County level reports are also available by subscription. Contact sales for more information.
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